Saturday, May 19, 2012

My first Birchbox!


The goods!
So, I was disappointed that it took FOREVER to get here, but it did. I had Tim help me make an unboxing video too. I'll post that sometime maybe, ha! It's really really cheesy. But, to the important part, the contents:

1. Miracle Skin Transformer Body 20
2. Color Club Nail Polish (Disco Nap)
3. Dr. Jart + Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm 
4. Kiehl's Abyssine Cream+
5. Arquiste perfume

I'll post a review once I try them all out :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I love Columbus: Trains!

I used to swear that I would never return to my hometown, but here I am and I love it. So perhaps I'll try to work that into this blog too. Just little things that I love here. I thought I'd start with this from today:

Just a cool sight today. I literally stuck my camera out the window and got these on my Nikon Cool Pix and them slapped on a filter in Picasa. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I bought in to the trend...

I decided that I've been a good girl lately, a savings queen if you will, so it's time to treat myself. Ever since I kicked the Bath and Body Works gig, I've not been into tips, trends and all things beauty (and I've probably saved a bundle). I'm going to give the Birchbox a try.

Hi! I'm a Birchbox.
So, what is a Birchbox? Well, from what I can tell, you fill out a beauty profile and they send you samples each month. It's $10 and you pay no shipping (at least I didn't have to pay for shipping). It also has a points system and I joined today, using a coupon code: join25monthly and I got an additional 25 points. I believe when you get 100 points you earn a $10 credit. They also have incentives for getting a yearly subscription. I am playing it safe with a month-to-month subscription and I'll keep you informed of what samples I get and how I like it.
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