Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thirteen in 13: Only 8 days late.

As usual, I fully intended to be like everyone else and post this on January 1. But, same old 2012 excuses- busy, busy and busy. I'm hoping that these will help whip me into shape. Without further ado:

  1. Track our entire budget- last year I started out well, but it tapered off after about three months.
  2. Use at least $500 in coupons- I'm pretty sure I surpassed this last year, but part of the problem was that I stopped tracking how much I was saving. This year I want to sort of unite these first two goals for a comprehensive look at our spending.
  3. Personally put away $X in savings- I want to make sure I continue to contribute to our family's savings account.
  4. Give up caffeinated beverages- Make a gradual change to giving them up or replacing them with caffeine free versions.
  5. Lose X pounds- and keep it off- pretty self explanatory. I feel like losing X would put me at a very healthy weight and would get me back in my skinny clothes.
  6. Run a 5k- I really want to do this! I need to do this!
  7. Read 26 books- I really think I can do this, especially now that I have my iPad mini and I joined a book club.
  8. Complete an organization program/regime- there is a 31 days to getting organized and a 13 week one. I'm not sure what I'll do yet, but I want to work on that.
  9. Stick to my professional development hours at work and earn my step increase! I'm a little over 50% complete with my hours. I have about 7 or 8 months to get it done. I think I can do it!
  10. Make at least three meals a week- we've been eating out way too much. This will help us stay organized, on a budget and healthier.
  11. Finish wedding scrapbook- THIS YEAR MAKES FIVE YEARS!!! I have GOT to do this.
  12. Wish everyone happy birthday :)
  13. Have twelve unique dates with the husband. Gotta keep it fun and interesting. I'm taking any suggestions.
There it is. Thirteen things I'm striving for in 2013. I'm already off to a good start on 1, 2, 6, 7, and 12. Hopefully the rest will follow suit. Wish me luck!

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