Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dinner at Our House: Weight Watchers Italian Night

My mom and I (and somewhat Tim... and thus, by proxy my dad) have all begun Weight Watchers. My mother was a member back around the wedding and lost some 60 pounds! Needless to say we've all kind of let ourselves go a little...that's why this past Monday we started together on the Weight Watchers Point System.

Since this is my first time trying it out, I really want to commit to the "lifestyle" change, and not simply diet. I got very interested in making meals that are WW friendly. I found the greatest resource ever and it's not the Weight Watchers website; it's

Tonight we tried the Baked Chicken Parmesan that is worth 5.5 WW points. On a scale of 1-10 it was definitely a 10. So yummy! My mom even surprised us by making the No Bake Cheesecake. On a scale of 1-10 it was an 11. Hands down, yummiest healthy-type dessert I've ever had.

Now it wouldn't be a D@OH post without pictures so no worries, got you covered!

Added a single portion of bow-tie pasta and marinara sauce.

Its tiny but soooo yum.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And we're back...from vacation that is.

Well to be honest we've been back since Sunday, and to be even more honest it wasn't a full blown vacation. Tim's parents were kind and invited us to go to the beach for the weekend. I get off work on Fridays at 3:45 and my office is actually on the way to the beach so Tim met me at work and we left from there. We made great time because we arrived in time for dinner with his family. We ate at the Boatyard. It was good, though I only had a salad because I was still full from lunch.
This is Tim's sister Katie. She is tiny and sprightly. Extremely fit. And here she is eating a giant plate of ribs...

Here is a better view of how large these ribs are.

The next day, Tim asked me what I wanted to do. Of course with it being Fall, there is only one Saturday priority I have- whether I am at the beach or not-- FOOTBALL. Specially, Auburn football. The game was coming on at 2:30 so we spent the morning shopping and then met some old friends for lunch at the beach who live there. They have an adorable baby girl:
Baby Mikayla. Note: She can't help her parents are Georgia fans...;)
After watching the first half of the game with them we returned to the condo to watch the rest of the game. Auburn won so all we well in paradise. Speaking of paradise, these are a few shots from the balcony:

I love the colors.

That's the Pier at Pier Park- SHOPPING!
Pretty nice, right? After being lazy and what not we got ready for dinner and then a walk on the beach. This is what resulted:

Those were from the beach. The next ones are from our grand finale of the evening-- Putt-Putt!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crazy Cat Tale: Jackson's Closet Episode

This is Jackson. He shares his story tonight.
Last night was quite an interesting night. Everyone was going about their business. Dad was watching TV. Mom was wandering about the house. Tim was applying for jobs. I was on the phone. The cats were being...cats. Well I was involved in a rather deep conversation and I hear a knocking. I ignore it thinking someone else will take care of it. Later, Tim hears a muffled noise that sounds kind of like knocking too. Even later, dad hears knocking and looks around confused. Finally, I ask my mom if someone has gotten towels recently. She said she had been in the linen it hits me! Jackson is notorious for hanging around your feet and trying to slink into the depths of the fluffy pillows and blankets in the linen closet. I open the closet door and...
Out pops a Jackson like a jack-in-the-box, ha get it? (I know, right......). My mom said it would teach him a lesson being in there for around 20-30 minutes...I, however, am sure he'll do it again...and again...and again.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Date Night Movie Review: The Social Network

Friday night, Tim and I went to dinner and a movie. The parents were out of town at a high school gathering down in their hometown. We ate our usual at O'Charleys (we enjoy the two meals for $14.99-- or whatever the meal deal is) and then waited for the movie to start. We saw The Social Network.

Pretty good flick. I'm not sure on the truthfulness of the movie, or rather how accurate it is, but it's a great story. I'm a PR gal at heart (my Master's focus and all) so I thought a lot about image when watching: "Is this a negative portrayal or positive portrayal?" Tim probably said it best though, "who really wants someone to make a movie of them at age 19? Would any of us be happy with that image?"

So I'm trying to think, would I? Probably not because I'm trying to remember sophomore year of college and I think that year was pretty uneventful.

Oh, and on a random note: Disney's Brenda Song was featured in the movie, but not in a very Disney appropriate role. I'm guessing she won't be back any time soon on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Late Night Music Video Update: Matt & Kim-- Daylight

This is such a catchy song. Tim heard it first from some beer commercial but the song is just happy and upbeat. It goes with my current mood after having a fun date night with the husband.

we cut the legs off of our pants
threw our shoes into the ocean
sit back and wave through the daylight
sit back and wave through the daylight
slip and slide on subway grates
these shoes are poor mans ice skates
fall through like change in the daylight
fall through like change in the daylight
i miss yellow lines in my roads
some color on monochrome
maybe i’ll paint them in myself
maybe i’ll paint them in myself
these sidewalks liquid then stone
building walls and an old pay phone
it rings like all through the daylight
it rings like all through the daylight
and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine
i hope that someday i’ll see without these frames
and in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone
cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home
I have five clocks in my life
and only one has the time right
i’ll just unplug it for today
ill just unplug it for today
open hydrant rolled down windows
this car might make a good old boat
and float down grand street in daylight
and float down grand street in daylight
and with just half of a sunburn
new yellow lines that i earned
step back and here comes the night time
step back and here comes the night time
and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine
i hope that someday i’ll see without these frames
and in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone
cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home
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