Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Here! My first Stitch Fix

Well I'm already impressed. Two reasons, ok, actually three:

1. My box arrived a day EARLY! 2. They listened and didn't send me pants which was my big fear. 3. They knew my weakness, chevron.

Thanks, Jackie!

So once again, here is how Stitch Fix works. You pay $20 and a "personal stylist" will use your style profile and things like your Pinterest to select five items for you. You try on the pieces at home and then the hard part comes: Ugh! If you keep all five pieces they give you a 25% discount on your purchase. The prices vary, and you can give them some parameters as far as cost goes. Here is what I got:
Collective Concepts: Esten Button-up Sleeveless Blouse
 Out of the box I thought it was adorable. It's actually more purple than the photo shows. Here is what it looks like on me:
Here it is on me.
From this angle I think it looks cute. The price is $58.It's also good to note it is dry clean only. The fit was fair. It's very sheer and I'd have to wear something under it to work for sure. That's why in the end I'm going to PASS on this shirt.

Next up is probably my favorite. This chevron top is me. I'm obsessed with the pattern and lately I am loving the cut/style of the tab sleeve tops. This one isn't as sheer as other ones. It's comfy and adorable! Did I mention I'm obsessed with chevron? It's a bit pricey at $68...but my $20 credit does get applied...this is probably my KEEP!
I flippin love this top. Why must I be so addicted to this pattern?

41Hawthorn Ivy Zig Zag Print Tab Sleeve Blouse 
When I first saw this dress I was like.. hmm..interesting. Then I unrolled it and took it all in. I got excited. But, then I noticed it's houndstooth, and I'm an Auburn gal and we don't rock the houndstooth...but then I tried it on. The hubs liked it. I liked it. It's the most expensive piece at $98. It's a DEFINITELY MAYBE.
Pretty stinkin cute

Mystree Soren Belted Printed Dress
This necklace was undeniably cute. The price is $32. Which turns me off immediately because you can find the same thing almost daily on or groopdealz for half that price. Adorable indeed, but PASS.
41Hawthorn Multi Shaped Opaque Gems Necklace
 Finally, this little gem. Cute blazer! Love the lining. Very soft. The lace detail is a nice touch too. I tried it on with a yellow top because yellow and navy are a good combo, especially where I work since that is our college's color scheme. The problem I noticed is that it was too formless for me. I like blazers and jackets to be tailored and have nice structure. It was almost too big in places. Price was $78 so between that and how I felt about it, cute, but PASS.
Sugarhill Boutique Baltic Lace Detail Blazer

Overall, I'm excited. This was fun and I'm impressed. I don't plan on doing this every month because that just might get too costly for my budget. However, I could see myself doing this once a season, or during a month when I need a happy surprise pick-me-up. I've read other blogs and a great idea for anyone who has friends of a similar size: try it together! Go halfsies or both order boxes and trade out pieces so you each get to try on more. Could be beneficial! Stitch Fix = I recommend! 

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