Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Cure-All to a Bad Day: Stitch Fix #2

Definitely needed the pick me up tonight and I was so excited that not only did my JCREW dress arrive today, but my StitchFix came as well! Three cheers for StitchFix!

So again, the quick run down on StitchFix: you pay a $20 styling fee and they SERIOUSLY listen (in my experience) to what your preferences are and send you five items to try out. Anything you like you keep and pay the price. They have a scale of pricing options so you know going in about what to pay per item. The $20 you paid gets applied to your total, and if you keep all the items you get  25% discount off your total.

Now. For the main event, my items!!!

Daniel Rainn - Shanae Printed Tie Waist Dress $88

Tried it on!
Loved the print of this dress, but wasn't sold on the fit. It was a little too baggy in the unflattering parts of my body. The price for this was $88. In the end, PASS.

Back view

Front view: Honey Punch Payge Striped Cross-Back Sweater
And it's on.

Back view.
I enjoyed the front, but the back is just not me. This sweater was believe it or not- very snuggly and warm! It was $48 and I said PASS.

Mak - Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan

Loved it!
The only problem I had with the cardigan is the color. I own this same color already :( This one was $38 and I had to PASS.

Kut from the Kloth - Warhol Polka Dot Button Up Blouse

Can you say War Eagle?

Or even Go Gators I guess. ;)
By far, my absolute favorite from the box. I felt like it was a good price too! $28 and so comfy and cool. KEEP KEEP KEEP!

41Hawthorn Amani Cowl Neck Sleeveless Blouse

Despite the photos, this baby is dark Hunter Green.
The last fix I bought a 41Hawthorn shirt, but this one didn't really do it for me. I enjoyed the cut, and fit, but Hunter Green. It was $48. I just don't have anything I think I could wear with it. So based on the color, I said PASS.

I'm pretty impressed by two things: 1) I got "Jackie" again :) and 2) they seriously pay attention! That's what I'm amazed by; it's not like Birchbox where I have lately more misses than hits. It seemed pretty planned out. I'm going ahead and scheduling a third box. This is becoming my new treat to myself! So shameless plug: try StitchFix by clicking here and signing up. I recommended in the last blog of mine that if you have a friend with a similar size, you can always go in halfsies and split boxes! Or get two boxes together and mix and match your finds. I'm certainly hooked!

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